Welcome to the magical realms of Lady Imperatrix.

Greetings and salutations, I welcome you to the palace of my ethereal empire. Utilizing the confines of my online home’s digital hallowed halls, it is my hope to spread knowledge, wisdom, and information regarding the truth, use, and research of entheogenic substances, otherwise known as psychedelics.

As you will read at the bottom of every page, I do not encourage illegal activities in any way, so please check the legal status of any psychedelic in your area before initiating any voyage. Though the long prohibition of plant based and synthetic psychedelics is thankfully beginning to lift in many places, it may still be illegal where you are, and we don’t want our friends, like you, to find themselves in any kind of unpleasant situation.

Please enjoy your stay, and feel free to look around. We have several rooms for you to explore, including informational articles in the Den, a list of helpful and interesting links in the Library, and a lovely selection of musical playlists in the Auditorium. As the site is still new and we wait for the dust to settle on those freshly constructed rooms, we are already planning the expansion of the court to include things like a Playroom and Kitchen, coming soon.

Thank you for stopping by. And I wish you all things beautiful, always.
👑~ Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Lady Imperatrix