Welcome To The Auditorium

Music is an important part of any Voyage, unless you take the Terence McKenna route and do the whole “silent darkness” thing, of course. I tried that path once, and it was….um…fine, let’s say….but I find music to be a great joy and a wonderful guide in and of itself, whilst traversing the Multiverse.

Below are links to several playlists curated by a dear friend of mine, the visual artist, photographer, and writer, Terri Maxfield Lipp. Her carefully crafted playlists each have a chosen route, specific ups and downs, moods and emotions, all flowing together in a way perfectly suited to any psychonaut’s journey.

Please enjoy, immensely, and with great fervor. ♕

Psychonaut’s Sojourn #7: Teatime

Music for Inner Voyage. This time we focus on some serious chill time, relaxing into the music. There is a bit of weirdness along the way, but that’s what teatime is all about, no? Setting the scene we open in Wonderland, and then are introduced to our voyage by vintage vocal guidance from Dr. Timothy Leary and Dr. Richard Alpert (who had not yet become Ram Dass). We hear again from the dynamic duo at the end of the journey, bringing the listener back to “this reality” before landing lightly with a smile.

Direct link at Spotify here.

Psychonaut’s Sojourn #6: Here We Go Again

Music for Inner Voyage. This time we focus on space and spirit, journeying from a slightly twisted reality to a clearer and very pleasant one. A fun ride overall, with a nice dose of Shpongle along the way. Ends on a particularly peaceful and introspective note.

Direct link on Spotify here.

Psychonaut’s Sojourn #5: The Missing Peace

Music for Inner Voyages. Here we aim at re-centering our monkey mind, finding our inner calm and embracing it fully…and enjoying a giggle or two along the way. This time the music has a definite, colorful 1960’s flavor overall. Included also are selections of downbeat ambient chill interspersed with some spiritually uplifting vibes.

Direct link on Spotify here.

Psychonaut’s Sojourn #4: A Happy Place

Music for Inner Voyages. This time around, we are aiming to calm a troubled soul. Are you feeling like Mercury is locked in a constant state of retrograde? Then call upon Dormouse and Hatter, enjoy a cup of mushroom tea while sitting on a cloud…and relax into this playlist. All will be well.

Direct link on Spotify here.

Psychonaut’s Sojourn #3: Right Then And Back Now

Music for Inner Voyage. We start this one out gently, growing in intensity, rising to strong positivity while dipping our toes in the ocean of the Multiverse. We end up back in this reality in a soft, gentle, and loving mood. And of course, there is some humor sprinkled in from time to time. A giggle every now and again, does the body (soul, mind, and everything else) good, no?

Direct link on Spotify here.

Psychonaut’s Sojourn #2: The Comfort Of Piano And Smiles

Music for Inner Voyages. We start this one with mellow beauty, gradually and of course turning a bit silly. We then reach a phase of traveling out to the Other Side of Something, and finally returning to this reality with warmth and a truly happy feeling.

Direct link on Spotify here.

Psychonaut’s Sojourn #1: The First Trip

Music for Inner Voyages. We start out in a lighthearted mood, easing into a delightful bit of surreality, returning at the end in a loving, meditative zone. This was the first playlist I created for my first psilocybin voyage after a very long hiatus. I found it worked wonderfully and kept me in a very positive, love-filled state throughout my reintroduction to the joys of teatime.

🎵 More playlists will be posted as they are made available.